Howard Beach Studios | About
Howard Beach Studios was established in September of 1980 and dedicated this name for professional and outstanding quality services. With about thirty years of experience and hundreds of thousands of pictures on file, Howard Beach Studios is now one of the most reputable studios in New York City.

The Studio is experienced in many diverse fields as it specialized itself in all occasions ever since its establishment.

Howard Beach Studios has a well rounded photography and videography crew. All crew members are up to date with the new technology and have an excellent background in classical photography.

The Studio is well known for classical photos and portraits, and it is a leading name for modern and digital Photography.

The Studio Archives is locally known to be one of the largest photo archives, as it contains millions of captured moments that will live with the studio forever.

The Studio has a firm stand, and a passionate hand as well as a unbreakable promise, that it will Capture the memories that you and those close to you will never forget.

Remember if you or a friend has an event that you would like to engrave in the jewels of your heart, call Howard Beach Studios. We will always be honored to make your day a special day